AirPods Pro Review – Worth the Price?

AirPods Pro Review – Worth the Price?

If there is one thing that every Apple lover will agree on when it comes to AirPods is that they sound alright but really not SO great. Apple took that seriously and now the new AirPods Pro ticks that final checkbox!

Most users who have tried AirPods Pro priced at $249 have given off exceptional reviews and called it ‘phenomenal’. These new AirPods are not the first ones to have an active noise cancellation feature but they have arguably the best! With a couple of exceptions, the new AirPods have it all really – from fantastic noise cancellation feature to a natural-sounding ambient listening mode coupled with smaller stems with physical playback controls and a small charging case which offers 24 hours of battery life!

When you buy the new AirPods, two things will catch your attention: the stems are shorter and the black vents are larger and definitely more noticeable. The black vents are more for utility than aesthetics because they let the air in to help equalize pressure, minimize the discomfort common in other in-ear designs. Thus, guaranteeing your comfort when you wear them. So far, AirPods always come in white but don’t we wish Apple would match them with iPhone 11 Pro’s Gold, Space Gray and Midnight Green!

Snug Fit and Great Controls

Regular AirPods fit the ears just fine but the ear tips on the AirPods Pro allow them to sit way deeper and securely in the ear canals as well as seal the sound in. Users even shook their heads in all directions to check if AirPods Pro stayed firmly in place and the result was positive. So even if you are soaking in sweat, the AirPods Pro won’t be slipping out.

Getting the right size ear tips for in-ear earbuds can be very tricky but did you know that AirPods Pro has an “Ear Tip Fit Test”? That’s right! Access it within the “i” icon for your AirPods Pro within your iOS device’s Bluetooth settings. You can listen to a short tune and it will tell you whether each ear tip is a good seal or not. If the test is negative, you have to change one or both for a different size and redo it.

Another good thing about AirPods Pro is that despite being 0.4 grams heavier than the regular AirPods, they don’t feel heavier. Each earbud is light at 5.4 grams unlike other wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation feature. The best thing about the smaller design is the capacitive controls on each stem! Punch with two fingers either stem and you can switch between active noise cancellation and transparency modes. A single punch will let you control play/pause where a double punch will let you skip to the next song. A triple punch will go back to the previous track. These controls are very intuitive, right? However, there is not a volume control feature on AirPods Pro. You have to adjust the volume with your connected device or use the good old Siri.

Phenomenal Sound

Apple has really knocked on all alternatives. AirPods Pro is definitely the best sounding true wireless earbuds with active noise-cancellation priced at $249 in the market. Apple tested out a plethora of technologies and packed them inside the earbuds to achieve the blissful sound. From the flush ear tip design to the three microphones on each earbud and a custom high-excursion, low-distortion driver – the earbuds are loaded with the latest tech jargon you’d not want to decode.

Just as excellent as the noise cancellation is the ambient listening mode or ‘transparency mode’ as said by Apple. In this mode, you can hear both your music and your surroundings. It is very useful for ensuring you don’t get hooked on or hit by bikes and cars. It has one of the most natural-sounding ambient modes that you could try! Usually, ambient modes compromise on sounds. Either the music volume gets reduced or the ambient sound is amplified or the music and ambient sound get blended into an unnatural mix. But with AirPods Pro, the music volume remains audible and ambient sound is filtered in at just the right level to not disrupt it.

Solid Battery Life

AirPods feature up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge. AirPods Pro get the same battery life with active noise cancellation turned off. However, if you turn on the feature the battery life will drop down to 4.5 hours on a single charge. It is not really that major a hit and with charging case always nearby, you can still get up to 19.5 hours of power anytime. The case itself is squatter than the regular AirPods case. You may not love it because it is harder to open with one hand but you will appreciate that it is slightly larger than the non-Pro case when side flipped.

Worth the Price!

Regular AirPods are reasonably priced for the whole package. For $158 you get wireless earbuds paid that sound fine, comes with a super compact charging case and can connect effortlessly with the Apple devices. AirPods Pro n the other hand are priced at $249 costing you an extra $90 but holy molly are they worth the money – especially if you have been waiting for Apple to deliver awesome sound.

Sony’s $229 WF-1000XM3 were the BEST wireless earbuds with noise cancellation on the market BUT Apple has just put them on the back seat with the comparable sound quality inside of smaller and lighter earbuds that fit in a tinier charging case. For the whole package. AirPods Pro is really worth the extra $20 over Sony’s buds.

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