How traveling can be rewarding?

How traveling can be rewarding?


Have you ever thought of making extra money while traveling back to Pakistan? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We will share an innovative platform where you can deliver the products to the customers from your country and get paid. Traveling can be sometimes hectic when you do not have anyone with you to accompany, especially on long flights. Even when you are with family or friends, flights can be really tacky. But the excitement to touch your homeland and meet your family compels you to endure such inconvenience. Destination and the things you look forward to always keep the motivation up and journey a little less boring. Middle-income countries like Pakistan usually have a large number of Diaspora for the search for better employment opportunities and to provide a better lifestyle to their families. It also helps the economy to grow through remittances. According to a survey in 2018, there were almost 7.6 million Pakistanis living abroad and the United Nations declared that Pakistan has the sixth largest Diaspora in the entire world. 

Whenever overseas relatives or friends comes from abroad, people ask them to bring the accessories from their favorite brand which is not available in Pakistan but now travelers can make extra money by bringing items for fellow Pakistanis, not just acquaintances. Shoprs, the online shopping platform, has come up with the opportunity for travelers to make some extra cash while traveling back to Pakistan without making much effort. Now the extra baggage and space will not be the burden on your pocket. This platform is absolutely free to use.

You just have to sign up and start bidding on inquiries placed by various Pakistanis for their desired products. If you can access those stores in your vicinity, you can start negotiating your commission and provide the best offer. Chat with the potential customers and set the commission over the payment of the purchased product and delivery service. Once you are in the country, deliver the product to the specific customer, get your money and be done with the process. It is very convenient for the pocket, you just have to travel and get paid for your service.

With Shoprs, it has become super easy to shop for overseas products. There are several international product delivery sites but they charge relatively more and sometimes they don’t deliver in your area but with Shoprs, you can get the products delivered to anywhere in Pakistan. If you are traveling back to Pakistan, register on the website and start bidding according to the dates of your flights and in no time, you will have money in your hands. Shoprs will keep the money safe until the product is delivered and then you will be paid. Now even traveling can be rewarding, to begin, just visit the website and register as a traveler.

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