iPhone 11 – All You Need to Know From the Rumor Mill!

iPhone 11 – All You Need to Know From the Rumor Mill!

The world gets on its toes whenever Apple is about to release a new iPhone. It is expected to release the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI in Fall, 2019! But hold it right there – there is no official news from Apple yet but the rumor mill is already churning out some pretty interesting stuff. Here is what we should expect from the latest addition to Smartphones from Apple.

If the trends are valid, Apple’s next phone should be released by Fall 2019. Apple is most likely to announce it along with the Apple Watch Series 5 at a speculated event in the month of September. The new phone may go on sale around two to three weeks after the release date – considering the previous trend! Preorders are most likely to start the Friday after the announcement has been made. Did you know that iPhone Upgrade Program is a great and affordable way to ensure that you have the latest phone every year (only if you can afford one!)?

So far, nobody knows the official price of the next iPhone yet but probably it is going to be somewhere similar to how iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max was priced. Expect the pricing to start at least at $999 (whoops!) and go up for additional storage or perhaps a larger screen. We’re expecting the storage to start at 64GB with more options for 512 GB and 256 GB. Sadly, Apple won’t offer 1TB option this year.

When it comes to features, we’re expecting iPhone 11 to ships with iOS 13 and that will be announced at WWDC 2019. Early rumors highlight that Apple will ship two new iPhone models with an amazing 6.1 and 6.5 inch OLED displays. There are rumors that suggest Apple to be shipping the phone with a triple camera system. How awesome would that be? Lastly, we hear that 2019 iPhone will ship with a similar feature to Samsung’s Powershare where it can wirelessly charge an Apple Watch or AirPods.

Cameras are a huge deal with phone owners these days. The camera system of iPhone 11 is a constant source of speculation as it is one of the main attractions of having the latest iPhone. In a report from Kuo, it is speculated that the front-facing selfie camera will go from 7 to a whopping 12 megapixels:

“The front-camera improvements go beyond an increase in megapixels from 7 to 12. The camera will also change from the existing 4-element lens to a 5-element lens component. The new front camera will be included on all three new 2019 iPhones, including the ‘XR 2’ or whatever that model is called.”

So far, that’s what we have for you from the rumor mill! Stay tuned for our next blog when Apple announces the next iPhone 11. Till then, make your account on Shoprs.pk and get ready to order the latest iPhone very soon.

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