Kate Spade Scallop Smartwatch 2

Kate Spade Scallop Smartwatch 2

For ladies, accessories are as important a part of overall appearance as the outfit itself. From matching jewelry to the right selection of handbags, every subtle detail is important. But when it comes to opting for a watch, it’s undoubtedly essential for contributing towards personal style. Doesn’t it sound purely magical, when a clothing designer brand you always fancy collaborates with your favorite watch brand, let alone the smartwatch? It surely is. This wearable technology already available in the market lacked some elegant feminine look. But scallop smartwatch has filled the void. Now ladies can carry style and tech at the same time. So, it’s time for ladies to have some chic addition to their accessories.

There is a popular opinion about the unattractive look of smartwatches. Oversized frames and chubby structures are only digested for their utility, not appearance. So, Kate Spade’s initiated for improvising the way a smartwatch appears and made it look as classy as a regular watch.

Scallop smartwatch 2 in more is more improved version as compared to its predecessor. Technically more advanced, scallop 2 is easily comparable to any other mainstream smartwatch brand. Android 2.0, the operating system ensures easy access to Google Assistant.  You can keep track of your location with an in-built GPS. It also allows measuring your heart rate by tapping the spade.

As ladies are style-conscious and wearing the right look every day is all they need. So, scallop 2 is launched with an app ‘choose your look’. This app briefly takes information about your outfit and tries to customize the watch face that complements your overall look. It comes with 4GB storage space and 300mAh battery that lasts for two days. There is a built-in microphone and light sensor as well couple with water-resistant technology.

Besides all amazing specs, the aesthetic side of scallop 2 makes it stand out of its competitors. Kate spade’s stylistic elements peep through watch face and strap designs. Silicon and metal bands can be found in beautiful styles. In addition, the bezel is decorated remarkably that certainly have Kate Spade’s feel imprinted quite strongly.

You don’t have to dig deeper into your pocket in order to buy this classy ensemble. The silicon band version is available in $295 while metal version can be purchased for $335. You can shop from famous Online Shopping Platforms and right away find travelers from Shoprs. Pakistani fans of Kate Spade scallop 2 don’t need to wait for its availability here when they can easily buy from any part of the world through shoprs.pk. Kate Spade and Fossil have made the watch affair more desirable than ever. Isn’t it worth spending your money on a product that offers style, technology and utility all at once?

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