Revolutionizing the Shopping Culture

Revolutionizing the Shopping Culture


Who will want to see online shopping trend blooming soon in Pakistan? We have come up with an innovative platform that will make the lives of shopping lovers happier and easier. Online shopping used to be only exclusive for USA, UK and some other countries few decades back but it has now become the most crucial aspect of the global retail industry especially in the 21st century. Pakistan is no exception i.e. it has been recorded that more than 80% internet users in urban areas purchased products from the online shopping stores in 2018. This number is increasing with each passing day and most of such transactions are related to fashion. Amazon is the largest online shopping platform in the world but still, only 4% of the Amazon products can be directly delivered to Pakistan which sure is not an appealing figure.

There are several online shopping sites that do not deliver directly to Pakistan especially the ones which use PayPal as their payment methods. PayPal is expected to be launched next year in Pakistan but there are a number of loopholes for the Pakistanis when it comes to international delivery sites. We are here with the solution, Shoprs; the e-commerce platform will make the lives easier for the shopping lovers in Pakistan. Shoppers will only post their inquiry and people coming back to Pakistan will get their overseas products to the customers in no time.

Shoprs is the online platform which is super easy to use and especially for the ones who have never shop overseas. Just an account is required for registration and there is no difficulty or ambiguity in payment methods. There is no hefty amount of steps to follow in reaching the shopping destination and the complex nature of cross border transactions can be avoided. It has attempted to bridge the gap between the customers and their needs by providing access to any kind of product from any corner of the world. Everything is available just like the products from the nearby store. Shoprs will surely revolutionize the shopping culture of Pakistan in the near future and we are happy to provide this platform for people to shop around the world.

Survey has concluded that people feel more secure and want to purchase products when there are fewer delivery charges or when they feel that their money is secured while online purchasing so Shoprs have come up with the reliable and genuine platform which will guarantee that their products reach on time with the best offers and discounts. Trust builds the customer relationship stronger and it will ultimately help in flourishing the online shopping trends. Pakistan is a country, with larger youth population is expected to grow online purchasing manifolds in the near future and Shoprs will be right there to provide convenient and super easy service.

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